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Dante's Gift: A Chicago Christmas

Dante's Gift: A Chicago Christmas, Book 1
by Aubrey Wynne
Narrated by Tom Jordan

What is there not to love about this audio…it is such a wonderful delightful love story that really reaches in grabbing your heart and twisting it. At first I didn’t care too much for Kathleen she almost seemed a snob.  Here is a little old lady that just lost her sister, her only family is her grandson who is going to bring her to live with him…how sweet is that. The woman he wants to marry doesn’t cook and works long hours. This little old lady won’t live but a few more years, she is going to cook and all for you.  I understand it means less time for just them but the house is not small I am sure they could make this work with a little work. On Kathleen side the granny is old she doesn’t know how much help she will have to give the old lady, can she get around, what is her temperament like  and lord all the hugging and kissing etc . I understood where she was coming from but still I didn’t care for her that is until…..

Kathleen’s family isn’t much of a loving family oh they love her no doubt but have always been too busy to give a lot of one on one attention.  They aren’t the huggy kisss type. She is the kind of person that lets her action speak for her…who needs words. She really is torn between the quit of not wanting the old lady to come and how she should feel. Once granny steps foot in the USA things take a big turn.

Dominic is torn between the two people he loves most in the world, hoping, praying these two women cannot only get along but live under the same roof. His grandmother has always been there for him, even helped raise him, she has been a rock, there is no way he can turn his back on her, no way he will. What about Kathleen who he has asked to marry him with the answer up in the air. She just can’t live without either of these women but it seems they might not be able to live together or get along…

Mr. Jordan has fast become one of my favorite narrators he brings so much to the story from his many different character voices. He really puts thought into each character and their emotions bring them to life giving them meaning, showing us how they feel with powerful voices that leave you in no doubt how each one is feeling and what they are going through. You can hear the hurt in each character as they learn to deal with each issue at hand. I really enjoyed each of his character voices you always know who is talking he gives each character power and depth and really brings them to life. There are no background noises, no volume changes and no repeating of words, delivering a delightful smooth clear audio that you get lost in. If any breaks were taken I could not tell. Mr. Jordan’s natural voice is just a wonderful as his character voices. It is a voice you have no trouble listening to as he brings excitement and sorrow to each character that the author writes about. He has me in the palm of his hands from the first minute until the last.

What happens next put a wonderful twist on the story as one woman relives her younger years of the war and a soldier who held her heart. Kathleen gets to see a side of love she never knew was there. Granny is a wonderful story teller she not only had Kathleen but me as well spellbound through each word.  We really wanted her to go on but she kept us on hold until the next time where she took up where she left off. Her dog was something  I just love him. He didn’t trust soldiers that is all but one. War is never easy but when you fall in love with a soldier, he goes off to fight you never know if he will come home again. The dog plays a big part in this story bring together two people who love with all their hearts.

Just wait until you get to the end, if you haven’t fell in love with Dominic before you will fall head over heels at the end. My heart just melted with both Kathleen and I having tears in our eyes…I do believe Granny had some as well. The plot wonderful, very thought out, entertaining and keeping you hooked. With an audio I only listen to it when I drive or work around the house…I had trouble putting it down, I wanted to keep listening but knew I had some books I had to read as well. There is no way you can read this and not have it be one of your favorite books. I am looking forward to listening to it again in the future. Come take a journey of love, one that will touch your soul and how one little old lady and a dog over came not only the war but doubts giving the best gift of all…a love to last a life time.

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Kathleen James has put her practical side away for once and looks forward to the perfect romantic evening: an intimate dinner with the man of her dreams and an engagement ring. She is not prepared to hear that he wants to bring his grandmother back from Italy to live with him.
Dominic Lawrence has planned this marriage proposal for six months. Nothing can go wrong-until his Nonna calls. Now he must interrupt the tenderest night of Katie's life with the news that another woman will be under their roof.
When Antonia's sister dies, she finds herself longing to be back in the States. An Italian wartime bride from the 1940s, she knows how precious love can be. Can her own story of an American soldier and a very special collie once again bring two hearts together at Christmas?

Saturday, December 9, 2017


By: Rachel Grant
Narrated by: Greg Tremblay
Series: Flashpoint, Book 2
Length: 11 hrs and 24 mins
Release date: 11-21-17
Language: English
Publisher: Audible Studios

An exciting on the edge of your seat ride that grabs you from the first page until the last. Brie is an aid work with a secret that only a few know about. Sebastian knows all about her and her past when he sees her he can’t help but put his foot in his mouth. Even with a different name, hair, makeup and clothes change she can’t seem to hide who she is from him or does she…. She has worked so hard since she found out what her family is really like to outlive what they stand for. Her family does their worse for money she does her best to help those they hurt. Brie is the black sheep of the family. A family who would love to pull her back in using her and her body for their cause to make more money.

Brie is a very bright she thinks on her feet with come back after every comeback for Sebastian who tries to put her in her place not believing a word she is saying. She throws her hands up and said who cares leaving with tears in her eye…she just needs to hold it together long enough to get out of his sight then she can fall apart…

Sebastian has come up in the world he is second in command of his unit, he has worked hard coming far from his reservation and his tribe. He is proud of his Indian blood but he is also proud of his unit and all they stand for. He also has a secret of how much he would love to have one night with the princess as he calls her. He has mixed feeling from years ago and her help with trying to put a pipe line through their native land.  When he follows her out after all the cruel words he said he finds her in tears, he fights what he sees and what he knows to be fact…but are they?

The narrator does an outstanding job really bring the story to life holding your attention keeping you on the edge. He gives the right amount of pause to really let you take in what he just read  keeping you hooked as you picture each detail in your mind. I don’t feel it would have had the same effect if I had read the story he really delivers a strong emotion listen. With a very strong voice that really brings his male characters to life but a very feminine one that makes his females very pleasant interesting and lively, I really loved his different character voices. You have no trouble putting the voice with the faces they are well balanced and really sound as you would picture them to be. You know just who is talking and what they are feeling, you can hear their pain, sadness, sorrow, joy, love and fear. There are no background noises, no volume changes if any breaks were taken I could not tell. His performance was outstanding, very clean, and clear delivering a highly entertaining audio I got lost in. From start to finish this is how an audio should be done bring life to the characters, making the listener buy into the story, feeling each emotion making the listener hold their breath, laugh and want to cry, keeping the listening on the edge delivering a story that makes you not want to put down.  Just delightfully outstanding I can’t wait to listen to more of his work.

The author gives you a well balanced story with a delightful plot that keeps you spellbound. It is very entertaining with many twists and turns that keeps this story moving at a fast pace, highly thrilling, and exciting. There will be times you will have your heart in your throat waiting for the end to be near. When the attack came on Brie and her co workers I was holding my breath when she was taken to the salve market my heart broke. What a tough lady that really knows how to handle herself in so many ways.  When Sebastian shows up she doesn’t know what to think, with very mixed feeling she does her best to trust him but has to wonder if she put her trust in the wrong person. When his team put the children first I lost my heart not only to him but his team. It is touch and go through out with lots of action, danger. I loved the characters, the humor, danger, excitement and the love story. I just loved how the romance was written knowing they must keep on their toes with others out hunting them to when they set up a plan to find out who is behind it. Danger and excitement until the very end. The author gives a wonderful well balanced plot that is well thought out and written. I was hooked from the first page and could not put it down. I can’t wait to see what the next book in this series is about.

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When a food storage depot in famine-struck South Sudan is torched, American aid worker Brie Stewart flees, only to land in a market where she's the next item up for auction. Is the attack on the aid facility another assault upon the war-torn fledgling democracy, or has her family set her up as a pawn in their quest for oil rights?
Chief Warrant Officer Sebastian Ford crossed paths with Brie years ago when she was a shill for her family's company, pushing a pipeline that threatened his tribe's land. Determined to lead the rescue operation to save her, he won't let her abduction - or the attraction that flares between them - get in the way of settling their unfinished business.
The Green Beret's skills are put to the test in the flooded grasslands of South Sudan, where they must battle nature and dangerous factions who are after more than oil. Bastian and Brie put their hearts on the line as they find themselves embroiled in a conflict that extends beyond country and continent. Together they must douse the spark before it reaches the flashpoint and engulfs everything they hold dear.

The Drum: The Twelfth Day

The Drum: The Twelfth Day (The 12 Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides #12)
by E.E. Burke

Poor Penny has such bad luck that two husband died shortly after she married them.  She has found a new groom but it seems her bad luck has chased him away when accidents start happening around them. Broken hearted there is only one thing left to do and that is leave town and any hope of having a family is out. Charles is the founder of the town he made a deal with the railroad 12 brides in 12 days and the railroad will run through their town. Penny is the last bride when he finds out the groom left town he offers to chase him down and bring him back. No deal Penny said she is off to the nearest train station. Charles must think fast to work out a way to keep her there to marry her to another.  What he does is make one mess after another until he is tied up in knots and wanting the pretty Penny for his self. Penny is having nothing to do with this plan. The chase is on it is anyone’s guess who will win this race as the clock ticks off each hour until the deal is sealed with or without 12 brides.

I loved how the stories are tied into the 12 days of Christmas and how they all entwine together. I had a blast watching these two chase each other one running the other following. I really felt sorry for Penny and how she saw herself it was heartbreaking. When Charles works out a plan on how to keep her in town I thought this isn’t going to turn out good.  He is such a sweet man with a wonderful heart. I really enjoyed learning how the town got its name what a touching story. It was a joy to see the other characters I had come to love. There are a few surprises and even a time or two I held my breath. I even chuckled a few times, there are some very touching moments, some sorrow but in the end it is a story that will touch you in so many ways.

I really loved the characters, plot and the twists that really got to the heart of the matter. I thought it was well written with a touch of humor at times. What a wonderful delightful way to end this series. This whole series has been a delightful journey of 12 women who have such high hopes of starting over for so many reasons. I hope you pick up each of these books that are very entertaining giving you hours of pleasure.

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A bad luck explosive disaster...and one day left to save the town.
Behind her back, they call her Bad Luck Penny. After being twice widowed before the age of thirty, misfortune follows her all the way to Colorado, culminating in humiliation when the third groom skips town on the day they’re to be wed.
Mayor Charles Hardt will do anything to save the town he founded—as long as it doesn’t involve taking a wife. But he faces a difficult choice after a jilted bride shows up at his door begging for a ride out of town the day before they must deliver twelve married couples as part of a deal to secure the railroad. Without the railroad, Noelle is doomed.
Under no circumstances can Charlie allow Penny to escape, but Penny is certain Noelle can’t take any more of her bad luck. For that matter, neither can Charlie.
The Drum, from award-winning author E.E. Burke, is the 12th book in a series of 12 novellas based on a popular Christmas tune--with a twist! Scroll up and buy your copy today!

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A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A Kiss is Just a Kiss (Summer Bridesmaids #1)
by Melinda Curtis

Kitty has always been a mother/father to her sisters always watching out for them, stepping in and giving them direction, stopping them from making a big mistake.  For sister Maggie this is not the first time she has stepped in to show her dearly loved sister she had picked the wrong man. When Kitty over hears something she doesn’t like that she thinks can hurt her sister she steps up to the plate and deals with the issue like she had in the past. Which turns a wedding upside down leaving her wondering if she oversteps the bounds? When the fallout comes it leaves everyone on the run, the groom chasing the bride, Kitty and Grandma chasing the family trying to get their personal things that seemed to have been taken when the family took off on the run. What they end up with is one hilarious trip that will keep you in stitches.

I thought I would die laughing at her grandmother, in fact I was eating when I read one part and spit my food out. I had to wonder if granny was really off a little in the head or if she was playing them all having a blast and laugh at them. Poor Kitty has her hands full with both Granny and Beck if one isn’t pulling her chain the other is. Which leads to one interesting trip the long away around. Beck is truly broken hearted but is it that his wedding day was over without a bride or was it for another reason? He does get a little revenge throughout the trip but Granny Dottie gets the most she sure pulls some whoppers.

I loved these characters they were fun and so full of their selves. I am not sure I would have done as Kitty did but it sure made for some fun reading. The plot was very well thought out, the characters were very interesting keeping the story moving at a fast pace. I thought it was well written and so worth the price. I had no trouble picturing each scene and laughing my head off. It is truly an outstanding book that I can’t wait to read again and again.

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Kitty Summer has a wedding to stop. She's sure the groom doesn't love her sister, but how can she prove it? By testing his fidelity with one very public kiss, of course.

That one kiss leaves Kitty stranded in Florida without her purse or cell phone and with her dotty grandmother and one jilted groom, aka Beck O’Brien. With only her bridesmaid dress to her name, Kitty needs Beck to help her get Granny back to Atlanta. And Beck needs Kitty to help him locate his bride so he can win her back. But the closer they come to finding Maggie, the more Beck wonders if a kiss is just a kiss.